650mm Thin Strip Slitting Machine Unit

1. 用途 Application


The machine unit is applied for slitting the metal strip, and then rewinds the strip according to the certain winding tension. The unit adopts AC motor speed control system. PLC and hydraulic control, the single machine adjustments, and automatic running control are all collected in the console.

2. 主要参数 Main parameters

(1) 材质:   不锈钢、紫铜等(150Mpa≤σb≤850 Mpa,8%≤δ5≤40%)

Material           stainless steel, red copper etc.(150Mpa≤σb≤850 Mpa,8%≤δ5≤40%)

(2) 原料规格 Material specifications

厚度 Thickness          0.05~0.5mm

宽度 Width         300~650mm

内径 ID         Φ610mm

外径 OD       ≤Φ1650mm

卷重 Weight of the material roll        ≤8t

(3) 成品规格 Products specifications

内径 ID        Φ300mm、Φ400mm、Φ500mm

外径 OD        ≤Φ1650mm

卷重 Weight of the material roll        ≤8t

(4) 成品参数 Products parameters

剪切条数 Slitting strips      ≤30 条 strips

剪切速度 Slitting speed      ≤180m/min

毛刺 Burr                ≤0.02mm; ≤0.03mm

宽度公差 Width tolerance      宽度 width>100mm   ±0.10mm

宽度 width≤100mm   ±0.05mm

侧弯 Side bend         ≤1mm/m 

错层公差 Layer offset tolerance      ≤±0.2mm(内外各5圈除外 except for inside and outside 5 rounds each)

塔形公差 Pyramid tolerance      ≤±1mm(内外各5圈除外 except for inside and outside 5 rounds each)

(5) 机组工艺方案及参数 Process parameters of the unit

机组方向 Unit direction       待定(从操作者面向机组)  To be confirmed (the operator faces the unit)

穿带速度 Threading speed                             20m/min

机组最大速度 Max. speed of the unit         180m/min(按Φ610mm以上直径考核 based on ≥Φ610mm)

卷取最大张力 Max. tension of coiling        6KN

剪切工作方式 Way of slitting                 主动剪切 Active slitting

机组开卷方式 Way of uncoiling              上开卷 up

机组卷取方式 Way of coiling                        上卷取 up

液压系统压力 Hydraulic system pressure       ≤12Mpa

机组占地面积 Floor area                长约16.5m,宽约9m,高约2.5m

Length about 16.5m,width about 9m,height about 2.5m

3. 机组装机水平及特点 The installation situation and features





(1) The uncoiler, the slitting machine and the coiler has the all-digital AC variable frequency speed adjustment and PLC control.

(2) The electrical automation system has the safety measures such as the overload protection, the circuit break protection, the emergency stop and so on.

(3) The machine unit can monitor and display the process parameters and the key equipment parameters. The electric interlock and the error warning uses PLC control.

(4) The circle shear adopts the double eccentric structure, which can adjust the eccentricity manually. By exchanging the combined spacer bushes, it can change the width of the slitted products flexibly.