260mm Sendzimir 20 Rolls Mill

机组用途 Application


260mm 20 rolls Sendzimir Cold Mill is used to roll the 0.6mm thickness  stainless steel at normal temperature state to the strip coils of different thickness and surface roughness.

性能指标 Technical data

1. 来料规格 Materials specifications

材料 Material       SK5(if 0.6mm, σb≤1800MPa,if 0.1mm, σb≤2400MPa) 

来料状态 Material state            冷轧料 Cold rolled material

宽度 Width                                   200-230mm

厚度 Thickness                             Max 0.6mm

卷外径 OD                                     MaxΦ1200mm

卷内经 ID                                      Φ508mm

卷重 Coil weight                              2000Kg

2. 成品规格 Product specification

宽度 Width       200-230mm

厚度 Thickness    Min0.1mm

卷外径 OD         MaxΦ1200mm

卷内经 ID          Φ508mm

卷重 Coil weight   2000Kg

3. 成品厚度公差(稳速段)Product thickness tolerancesteady speed part

成品厚度 Product thickness (mm)厚度公差 Thickness tolerance (mm)公差范围内的轧制长度保证值
Guarantee value for mill length within the tolerance range

技术参数 The technical parameters 

1. 入口重卷参数 Entry recoiling parameters

速度 Speed                Max100m/min (above Φ540 mm)

卷筒 Reel                      Φ508×280mm

张力 Tension                           18KN

减速机速比 Speed ratio of the reducer                     17.5

传动电机 Driving motor                              Z4-225-11,DC40KW,0-540-1200r/min,400V

2.左右卷取参数 Parameters of coiling left and right

卷筒 Reel                                                         Φ500×280 mm

减速机速比 Speed ratio of the reducer              13.5 

张力 Tension                                                      Max 65KN

速度 Speed                                                         Max 140m/min

传动电机 Driving motor                                Z4-315-31,118KW,0-360-1200r/min,400V

3.轧机参数 The rolling mill parameters

工作辊尺寸 Working roll diameter                                           Φ25-Φ19.5×304 mm

第一中间辊尺寸 The first intermediate roll diameter              Φ42-Φ37×372 mm

第二中间辊尺寸 The second intermediate roll diameter          Φ72-Φ67×304 mm

背衬辊轴承 The backing roll bearing                                         Φ55×Φ120 mm

最大轧制力 Max. roll force                                                                    800KN

轧制速度 Roll speed                                                                            Max 140m/min

减速机速比 Speed ratio of the reducer                                                    1

轧机传动电机 The rolling mill driving motor     Z4-355-11,166KW,0-360-1200r/min,400V

工艺润滑冷却流量(矿物油) Technical lubrication cooling flow rate (mineral oil 800L/min)