J70600-2/ZF 600mm切纸切箔机

J70600-2/ZF 600mm Paper and Foil Slitter

名称 NameJ70600-2/ZF 600mm 切纸切箔机
J70600-2/ZF 600mm Paper and Foil Slitter
用途 Application将成卷的电容器纸,铝箔纸,薄膜切割至所需的宽度后卷绕成卷
To slit capacitor paper, aluminum foil and the thin film to the required width and  rewind.
原料卷直径 Diameter of the raw material rollMax. Φ600mm
原料卷宽度 Width of the raw material rollMax.600mm
原料卷内径 ID of the raw material rollΦ50-85mm
成品卷宽度 Width of the product rollMin. 6mm (铝箔 aluminum foil 10mm)
成品卷直径 Diameter of the product rollMax. Φ350mm (宽度50mm以上 width is more than 50mm)
剪切条数 StripsMax.59 strips
收卷轴直径 Diameter of the take-up reelΦ50mm,75mm
同时收卷轴数量 Quantity of synchronous take-up reels2
切割方式 Slitting mode圆盘刀 Circular cutter
分切速度 Slitting speedMax. 150m/min
切割厚度 Slitting thickness0.006-0.15mm(铝箔 aluminum foil 0.01-0.08mm)
主传动电机 Main motor3kw
主要功能 Main functions变频调速,配有静电消除装置及吹边装置
Frequency control of speed; static elimination device and edge blowing device
外形尺寸 Overall size1540mm*1164mm*1410mm
重量 Weight2500kg