J83-6/ZF 3 Meters Sleeve Winding Machine

1. 卷绕能力 Winding capability                                        0~20m/min 

2. 套管外径 Sleeve OD                                                    MaxΦ220mm

3. 卷绕宽度 Winding width                                             Max3000mm

4. 托辊加热温度 Supporting roller heating temperature   50℃~150℃

5. 芯管内径 Core tube ID                                  Min Φ26mm、Max Φ94mm

6. 芯管外径 Core tube OD                                Min Φ37mm、Max Φ101mm

7. 芯管长度 Core tube length                            Min 1220mm、Max 3370mm

8. 纸张预干燥 Paper pre-drying                   由红外加热器加热 heated by infrared heater

9. 铝箔插入点激光自动指示

Laser automatic indication in the insertion point of the aluminum foil                                             指示范围 indication range   左 left 0~1m,右 right 0.6~3m

10. 原纸卷重量 Paper coil weight                             Max 600Kg

11. 原纸卷外径 Paper coil OD                                  Max 600mm

12. 纸卷內孔直径 Inner hole diameter of the paper coil         Φ76mm、Φ90mm

13. 纸张宽度 Paper width    

平板纸 Flat paper    3m/2m/1m

皱纹纸 Crepe paper 1.5m×2

14. 纸张厚度 Paper thickness    平板纸 Flat paper 0.09~0.15mm; 皱纹纸 Crepe paper 0.305mm

15 .平板纸纸张张力 Flat paper tension Max 500N/m