J8608/ZF 8米套管缠绕机  

J8608/ZF 8 Meters Sleeve Winding Machine

1、卷绕长度 Winding length                                8000mm(Max)

2、卷绕成品直径 Product diameter                            80mm~1000mm(Max)

3、卷绕成品重量 Product weight                            1500Kg(Max)

4、皱纹纸带 Crepe paper tape                       整盘重 the coil weight             8Kg(Max)

宽度 Width                           76mm

厚度 Thickness                      0.305mm

最大外径 Max. OD               500mm

内径 ID                                  76mm

5、纸带张力检测与调整 The tension detection and adjustment of the paper tape

张力大小0~10Kg,自动调整Tension 0-10kg, adjust automatically


The moving speed of the paper sending car matches with the rotation of the main shaft according to the process requirements.  Overlapping ratio:1/2

7、车头中心高 Height of the head center                    1250mm


0-200rpm stepless speed adjustment for the main shaft. It has the functions of stop and  reversing


The automatically centering chuck with 3 clamping heads; Max. clamping diameter of the chuck 160mm


It has electrostatic eliminator which can eliminator static electricity from the paper surface automatically

11、配有自动激光标线定位 With laser marking positioning