J7011Ⅱ-8/ZF 1100mm切纸切箔机

J7011Ⅱ-8/ZF 1100mm Paper and Foil   Slitting Machine

名称 NameJ7011Ⅱ-8/ZF 1100mm切纸切箔机
J7011Ⅱ-8/ZF 1100mm Paper and foil slitting machine
用途 ApplicationTo slit the roll of paper and thin film to the required width and  rewind.
原料卷直径 Diameter of the raw material rollMax. Φ800mm
原料卷宽度 Width of the raw material rollMax.1100mm
原料卷内径 ID of the raw material rollΦ50-85mm
成品卷宽度 Width of the product rollMin. 600mm(width more than 12mm) Min. 200mm(width more than 6mm)
成品卷直径 Diameter of the product rollMax. Φ600mm
同时收卷轴数量 Quantity of synchronous take-up reels2
切割速度 Slitting speed0- 200m/min
分切厚度 Slitting thickness0.01-0.15mm
气源压力 Air pressure0.5-0.7Mpa
主电机 Main motorY132M-4 7.5kw, 1440转/分rpm
外形尺寸 Overall size主机 Main machine 2750mm*2200mm*1260mm
控制箱Control box 600mm*500mm*1600mm
重量 Weight主机 Main machine 3000kg
控制箱 Control box 100kg