C738-1/ZF(450/13) 铜大拉连续退火机组

C738-1/ZF(450/13) 13-die Large Diameter Copper Wire Drawing and Annealing Machine


The drawing main machine adopts horizontal linear tandem type and is driven by double motors, which can realize a quick die-change. The helical gear transmission is efficient with low noise. It uses immerging cooling and lubricating for the wire and drawing die. Continuous annealing device adopts two-stage resistance annealing and  built-up type touching conductive wheel. It is easy to change the wheel rim. The annealing voltage tracks the wire drawing speed automatically, which will have high annealing quality. The annealing with steam protection and water circulation cooling control will makes the wire extension ratio steady. The separated air cooling system is applied to the touch wheel axis. The main electric control elements adopt the international famous brand.

1.拉丝主机 Drawing machine

2.退火机 Annealing machine

最大进线直 Max. inlet diameterΦ8mm
出线直径 Outlet diameterΦ4.5-Φ1.2mm
最多拉伸次数 Max. drawing steps13
主电机 Main motor250KV  DC
定速轮直径 Capstan diameter  Φ450mm
定速轮及退火电机 Capstan and annealing motor75KW    DC
设备重量 Weight13000KG
最大退火直径 Max. annealing diameterΦ4.5mm
最小退火直径 Min. annealing diameterΦ1.2mm
最高退火速度 Max. annealing speed25m/s
最大退火电压 Max. annealing voltageDC60V
最大退火电流 Max. annealing currentDC6000A
最大退火功率 Max. annealing power375KW
接触轮直径 Touch wheel diameterΦ450mm
退火形式 Annealing way二段电阻 two-stage resistance

3.双盘收线机 Double reel take-up machine

4.WF800(WF650)立式下线机 Vertical coil assembling apparatus

排线直径 Traversing diameterΦ4.5-Φ1.2mm
收线盘尺寸 Take-up reel sizePND500  PND630
收线最高速度 Max. take-up speed25m/s
收线主电机 Take-up motor2*30KW   DC
Traversing controlling independent motor
设备重量 Weight6500KG
最大下线直径 Max. coiling diameterΦ3.5mm
最小下线直径 Min. coiling diameterΦ1.35mm
最高下线速度 Max. coiling speed25m/s(18m/s)
收卷筒最大容量 Capacity of the cylinder2000Kg(1000Kg)
收线锥盘直径 Diameter of the cone diskΦ800(Φ650)
电机功率 Motor power18.5KW
设备重量 Weight7000Kg(3000Kg)

5.储线器 Accumulator

6.轧头机 Threading machine

适用线径 Wire diameterΦ4.5-Φ1.2mm
储线长度 Wire length5m
张力采用气动: 涨紧、压力可调
Pneumatic tension: tightening and pressing adjustable 
轧辊直径 Roller diameterΦ100mm
轧制最大线径 Max. wire rolling diameterΦ10mm
轧制最小线径 Min. wire rolling diameterΦ1mm
电机 Motor5.5kw   AC